Never. Give. Up.
I’m a business owner,
and published author.
Twenty years ago,
while attending college,
I was sentenced
to jail and
served time.
I had a choice.
I made it.
And I thank God
I picked the right side.
‘Cause it was close.
I stood on the edge.
But, now as a husband
and father, I stand
on a mountain.

-M. Taggart

20 thoughts on “poem-

  1. Love the imagery of the last line
    (But, now as a husband
    and father, I stand
    on a mountain),
    and the contrast of then, being on the “edge” and now, being on the “mountain”
    folks could use a little hope right now…thanks for sharing!

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  2. There’s so many truths in here about choice, decisions, standing at different roads in life and choosing which one to go down for the the journey of life. Sometimes our hard places and difficult moments help define us, teach us and make us grateful. I love your story, Matt!


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