I’m sad. And I’m happy too.
People are celebrating Thanksgiving.
And they should.
People are also upset that we do.
We live our truth.
I live mine and sometimes it’s not easy.
Thanksgiving is a joy; if we let it be.
We’re living in a pandemic.
There aren’t enough reasons to
gather and celebrate one another.
which run dry,
a new baby.
Indigenous Peoples Day;
October, 11.
I believe this is another day
to celebrate our different
beliefs and cultures-
even with the history of
I’d like to think we can
embrace culture rather
than revolt, continuously,
and shame.
I’d rather gather and grow.
Right now people I love
have Covid.
I’m trying to connect
people I love, to love.
That’s my truth.
Along with celebrating
Thanksgiving. And I’ll
be celebrating Christmas
in a few weeks and
cherishing the frosty
weather and warm smiles
when I tell people,
“Merry Christmas.”
If you haven’t enough,
tell me. I’ll do what I can.
Thanksgiving, Christmas,
your birthday, or any day.
I’m sad. And I’m happy too.

-M. Taggart

#pros originally posted on my Facebook page 11/26/2020.

These empty streets

i drove to my father’s house
in Massachusetts.
a group of us made a large
dump run for my step-mother.
we even pulled the old pool table
out from the basement.
i held onto one end as a neighbor
cut it in half so we could
fit it into the trailer
i felt a bit sad then

after everyone left
i stayed with my step-mother
and listened to some of
my father’s music
he was damn good
but gone now

i walked into each room,
a house i lived in
as a small child,
and walked around the yard.
so much had changed
but everything was the same

eventually i loaded my truck and
drove home on streets filled with
traffic, but i only saw blank and
empty faces, gawking and waving
unhappily at slow drivers

i wonder if they know they’re alive

-M. Taggart


Wanna be controlled?
follow the news
like it’s God
Then tell your friends
and family all about it
Splash in the wake
of toxicity
Make it want you

-M. Taggart

thank you, Dad