A Poem – ‘Art by Remedios Varo’

Sitting in our nakedness -Finally,
The walls looked back-
Holding us even with comfort

copyright 2016 -M.Taggart

The last time I wrote a poem while viewing this brilliant artists work I was pathetic and misspelled Remedios. I wasn’t impressed with myself.

Unexpected View, Remedios Varo



I enjoy writing without a glass ceiling. Why smile for a camera as fake as the one holding it. -M. Taggart

This line is in reference to my last post. It’s rough, raw, crude and it’s honest and real. I write for myself. I write with a larger picture in mind, and often of what I feel society could be, or what its shortcomings are. At times I cannot achieve what I want if even the faintest thought concerning someones feelings becomes logged into my writing. I’d rather not write at all. That post was me not playing nice with my words. I’m comfortable with that and I trust the understanding is out there that I aim to offend no one. It’s writing. And until the societal camouflage eases back into my spirit I’ll continue to give myself permission to be me.

Cheers and thanks everyone,

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts – Warning. Adult.

Let me be clear. We’re a nation of pussy’s. That’s not hard to understand. I grew up thinking people around me were too afraid to be themselves, or too afraid not to be. I watched as adults pussy footed around issues like fucking their neighbor which caused a divorce and the kids were lucky enough to be lied to. Mother’s fucked colleagues and had children outside of wedlock, yet didn’t tell the family. It’s a great way to live, to be too much of a cunt to tell your family you‘re a slut. Oh wait., I shouldn’t be writing like this. The PC police tells me what to do and how to act. Then again, I never did care. Our nation is filled with pussy’s who are too afraid to speak exactly how they’d like. I’m not one of them. Fuck off. -And fathers fucked every nice ass they could and we knew because our mothers told us. You can’t hold a job when you’re drunk and fuck. Yet the same mouths that preached this were sucking off their boss because they thought it would never be known. It’s like the fucking church showing young boys how to handle the full blow erection the priest had. Oh, that bother you? Good it bothers me too. I’ve been holding off a while now. I really shouldn’t. People are boring and the worst that’ll happen is nothing. I’ve never been anything but me. Cheers.


Selfish minds own the moment. Wash them down with your opinion internally and you’ll be walked on. Stop them the very second they start and watch the world change around you. -M. Taggart.

Odd Walking Thoughts – Cons

Come boisterous men! Come shrieking vixens! Insert into the glass castle with the clearest of walls. The show awaits. Let opinions rage wildly. Of course, you are the only one. Become yourselves and let the audience bathe in your greatest volume, for the glass shimmers for a reason to shatter. 

copyright 2016 -M. Taggart