Odd Walking Thoughts – a poem

Time can leave now-
Tonight I will light a cigar while thinking about
the normality of time and why I feel it fits me,
not the other way around, and why I’m able to look at
a star and wonder if having seen this one star
tonight carries more importance than having seen
it the previous night- is the difference in one night
not the proof of existing- and does this lend an ear to tomorrow-
and now someone I do not know – is taking my space
asking without permission things I cannot answer
I want them to leave – they bare no resemblance to any other I’ve
ever seen – another will be here – and another
much like the words that come –  that are often given
to me while I sleep –

Do you see the moon
and the soft haze lingering
watch with me as shapes will shift and move on-
we’ve just seen a very thing that will never be again

This one star – it too will become gone – in time
death is as real as life

I will not dress for death
Death will not dress for me

I will not smile for death
Death will not smile for me

I will not fear death
Death does not fear me

I will be death
and Death will be me

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017

Cheers everyone. Thanks for reading.

poem –

It’s good to hear from you-
It’s snowing this morning.
They said it wouldn’t, but it is.
It’s cold. Below zero with the wind chill.
I thought of you after writing last night
and about how long this tunnel is,
the same one we both know.
The snow doesn’t mind. It falls and falls.
And yea, it really is the truth. But let’s try and
explain it to them so they understand
when we both know they never will.
So, I’ll just keep watching the snow fall
when it wasn’t supposed to.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017

Odd Walking Thoughts

I wish you would stop taking your mind off. A man took his bare skin. Again. A non-manipulated child said loudly, ‘nothing.’ The child said nothing. A period of chance happened upon a young stone. The young stone wanted more than anything to be with water. Can we smooth your surface for you? water wanted to know.

-M. Taggart

Odd Fucking Walks.

This Christmas

A smile can hide all the hurt in the world-
A caring question from the right person

Will set them free

-M. Taggart

Please. This Christmas, if you become aware that someone is struggling, ask them a question such as, ‘Do you need me to listen?’ And then..just listen. Say nothing. It isn’t your hurt. It’s theirs. Or ask them if you can sit with them. Don’t drag them further down by pointing out they have an attitude when it’s the happiest day of the year. Because that part is a lie and they will only use the truth to further distance themselves.



Odd Walking Thoughts

One boy saw too much. And the ones around him grew along. Wanting to know how he knew things they did not. A counter called time went on. He couldn’t tell them- It starts in a terrible way. It starts with a question. It starts in a dark bedroom. Without anyone seeing. Or, it starts in a car without anyone around. It starts without sound, then with sound, and then it doesn’t stop. A young boy saw far too much. It didn’t need to be this way. It just was.

-M. Taggart