Blinding Truth

With truth blinding, scolding viciously
the circle collapses
and the masses celebrate

weakness claims victory
and while the sun rises
truth fades

with shredded finger nails
we scrape the dirt viewing ourselves-
our knees bent and bleeding-
our slobbering thoughts wish to begin again

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

The boy walked into the woods. It wasn’t yet dark. He heard his mother say, “I’m disgusted by humans.” The boy walked deeper into the woods because the brook waited for him. The water was calm and caring. The boy thought of his mother, “And another window will smear. It’s what they do. Especially men. They smear everything as often as they can.” The boy walked on. The sun pushed through the canopy of trees. Finally he heard the brook. The boy took his shoes off and placed his feet into the water, feeling the bottom. It was better than knowing about the rest. Slowly though, he bent forward. His mirror. “Should I be any better?” the boy thought of his mother’s shrill voice. -M. Taggart

Come Now Sun – A Poem

it’s early morning
broken leaves are crying again
let us find them

in this violence ‘they’ play
begging crowds to act
until the sun finally does shine

hiding in the wooded darkness
pressing for the crumbling of all veins
hoping for the chaotic and exacting destruction
that’s been asked to be created under our feet

Come Now Sun
flood the broken leaves
and melt the ones
who’ve pushed them into being

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017

Thank you for reading. Cheers.

Too Much Rain –

Too much rain makes us feel impatiently human
As we rock our children to sleep
They, collectively, shake their hands
No more
We place them into their cribs
And listen to the drops fall

None of this is hidden
Watch any single piece of rain fall onto an overturned bucket
First you’ll see the one become many
Second you’ll remember the sound of growth

Sleepily we close the windows
The rain will not stop
However, we are not ready to lay ourselves down

Our children will awaken
We’ll hear them well
as they play with their imaginations
asking us to come along

-M. Taggart
copyright 2017