The other two published poems are crushingly real. This is a warm up. ‘Hidden In Childhood.’ -Published poems.

To see, To listen

My brother and I collected baseball cards.
I didn’t realize their worth, or symbolism.
I was young, maybe seven or eight.
One of my brother’s favorite cards was
a Ricky Henderson Topps Jumbo card.
We had a brother’s argument. I ripped
his Ricky Henderson card in half.
My brother is two and a half years older than I am.
He easily could have pummeled me into pieces.
But I believe he saw that I already was.
I felt anger. Anger that was driven very deeply
inside my being and it wasn’t my brother that
I was angry with. I wasn’t the baseball card.
It was something to do with my baseball glove,
and how I chewed the leather strings and about
how I felt free while playing baseball, especially
when pitching. It was about how the sunlight
couldn’t lie, but somehow adults could.
And they lied the worst.

-M. Taggart

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