Switch – Odd Walking Thoughts

The blackout is replaced by images and some we know.  They are everything.  A man with sad eyes watches and we push back because they make us sad.  A young girl dances in a field with a yellow flower and her dress is winding around her body. There’s dust and it switches.  A boy is kneeling.  He’s holding a frog and pushing it to his ear waiting for the frog to croak. The blackness is back because we wish to not think, but we cannot, and it continues. We’re sweeping a back room.  A women smiles and she knows something and we want to know what she’s thinking.

Not so Ordinary.

I’ve put the book down. It’s been finished for nearly a month. It’s a WordPress author and I’ve waited. If nothing came back then there’s nothing. One scene is written so well it comes back often.

A boy was pressed against the trees. The trees held no shelter. It was late and the road was there. The boy was making his way home. I felt as though the trees and the night were perfectly lined up for this one moment. I read and turned the pages to gain what’s further.

Two cars came. The boy knew they were traveling too fast and he pushed himself into the trees, along the curve, best he could.  He listened as twigs snapped; it’s safer here.

The cars came closer. The twigs wouldn’t let him in.

A Beautiful Scar – Odd Walking Thoughts

The boy walked down and further yet. This ravine was deep. This ravine was a beautiful scar. A brook and then fish and more. The boy was at the bottom of the scar and opened his eyes and was gone. He looked all around and was no where. He cried for help.  No help came and he closed his eyes and asked, ‘Why?’ He heard a voice reply, ‘Why has nothing to do with it.’