Poem – Cubicle Heads #pros

As a child I rode the bus to school.
I would crawl under the large green seats
and slither my way, under and around legs,
sneakers, boots, and the giggles of my friends.

I liked the dirt that covered my clothes
from the floor of the bus.
I liked the feeling of breaking the rules.

I think of the first office I worked in after
graduating college. I think of how many
cubicles fit into the square footage of the office
and about how I looked when poking my head
above the cubicle wall; always, there would be
at least one other head doing the same thing,
no doubt wondering how to break out of this
matrix and go back to crawling under seats
while listening to the giggles and laughter of

-M. Taggart

Poem – Will It

A new thought, subcutaneous in nature,
provoked an uncontrollable desolation-
To the North sits newly consecrated ground-
Here though, lay the cracks of today, splintered
with fear as the sun dips while we search for
pocketed isolation to decipher entrance to the light.

-M. Taggart

#-M. Taggart Odd Walking Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder where the line falls. And who’ll jump on which side. Then again, I don’t fucking care. It’ll fall, or not, if I watch, or not, and we’ll all jump into the same space in time where we walk and walk and walk the same routine and hopefully not complain about ourselves and others to the point of evacuation of self..and there we are, waking up in the morning with another sunrise to view and we look at our better halves, and children, and co-workers, and friends; where the line falls really means nothing much. It’s a gift to be here.

-M. Taggart

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‘Bodies In The Basement’ has been nominated for Publication of the Year (Non-Poetic) on Spillwords. Voting Starts now.

Hi Friends,

My short story, ‘Bodies In The Basement,’ has been nominated for Publication of the Year (Non-Poetic) on Spillwords. Voting takes place from January 26th – January 30th.

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Bodies In The Basement

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