Odd Walking Thoughts – Judge us Not

I like to look at the sky without a voice in my ear. A simple thing, fingers on wood, a thing in a word, while an eye watches a few others. It’s nothing that needs to be remembered, other than the memory itself, and the one who took hold of creation. Isn’t it nice when you sit on a step, alone, at night, and see whatever is given without judgement.

-M. Taggart


I’ll be traveling this weekend for my book signing on Saturday! I’m excited! It’s looking like we’re going to flood the brewery where the event is taking place. Wish me luck! Cheers everyone!


and his bed – poem

write something
and put it out there

might be good
might be great

“It’ll be stolen!”


fear cripples

man walks alone at night
forgot about his kids for a while
he gets home
they’re still there
in their beds

They dreamt of him

His wife doesn’t
not even a sigh of relief

he feels for his bed
alone again


-M. Taggart

# -M. Taggart’s Odd Walking Thoughts

It’s not that we hear things, it’s that things hear us. Toss a thought outside the mold, little red lines aligned for footsteps are followed by vocals. We’re as certain of this as we are as certain about pinholes filling light into darkness. Deep in the darkness, sitting in a corner, they prepare deceptive smiles and gestures. Here, they practice with nothing to see. “I want,” they whisper.

-M. Taggart


Today, while snow blowing,
Gavin was inside alone.

He’s four.
I entered the house
‘Gavin, you good?’

‘Oh yea, butt crack.’

I went back to work.
At the end of the driveway,
some 340 ft away,

Daydreams can cripple

It’s closing in on 7 PM
Gavin is downstairs
watching a movie
yelling out the names
of dinosaurs I can’t pronounce

Maybe it’s time I daydream
about smiles
and bouncing hair

-M. Taggart


sat at the bar
they’re all talking
The other people

I start reading my book
and listening too

I’m in the book I’m reading
so I skip my part

There’s another writer
sitting at the bar
She told me all about her project
I listened well
it’s a good project

I see her when I drop my son off
at school

I wonder if she writes about me too

-M. Taggart

How to create an Amazon Author page?

Hello WordPress friends,

I need to create an Amazon Author page. I’m hoping a few of you can help guide me.

All tips and thoughts are welcome! (I do realize I go to amazon and click create your account. It’s once inside that I’m hoping I can put best practices to use by learning from all of you.)


Thank you!