Our driveway

Our door step

Our bedroom

feeling sheets over our face

an unflinching echo


-M. Taggart


Odd Walking Thoughts

it’s not for us to talk about. so we wash our thoughts with alure. let’s pretend to walk with smiling thoughts. purple isn’t fucking pure. how heavy breathing leaves no path- It’s your modern world. So we beat our selves some more.

-M. Taggart

Do you dream this too?

I can’t be the only one having these dreams. I was standing on a bluff a few hundred feet above the ocean. The approaching wave was ┬álevel with my head. The wave behind that was trying to block the sun. The people on the beach below are oblivious. No one ran. In this dream there was a mountain behind me. -I can’t be the only one.


Twenty plus years for me.