thought drop

Death has a sound unlike any other-

-M . Taggart
copyright 2017

I’m working on a poem that starts with the above. Thank you for reading.




a special delivery

A lonely girl held her smile
As a lonely boy passed
And they continued

Life’s manifesto wishes to delivery
after having witnessed a young mountain
never lean toward affectation

-Now, while rocking love’s bloom
Let’s tell the story truly

A lonely girl smiled
At a passing lonely boy
And they continued

No way home – Poem


lying face down-
with vomit spilling from his mouth

we let him be

We tried to tell him with words-

Hard top roads
are all the same-
only this one-
is yours

after the stench has cleared,
He’ll speak with a clean tongue-
And tell you everything you want to hear

copyright 2017