Anxiety seeps through walls
You can nearly see it
You can nearly touch it

-M. Taggart


Love is, actually

It’s the middle of the night
A small something is breathing
Onto my neck
It’s Gavin
He’s on my pillow
And his forehead is lightly
pressed against my neck
Megan must have brought
Him in with us
He’s transitioning
into a bed and
Loves to get up and play
In his room
He’s such a good
Little man
He climbs into the
Rocking chair and rocks
Himself back to sleep
But for now
He’s breathing on my neck
And I’m awake writing this

-M. Taggart


Wake up
I did
And that’s something I’ve never done
because I’ve never known this morning-
So that means we’ve both just done
something we’ve never done on the same
morning which can never be done again-
Now go be what you talk about.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2018

Dear, You.

I awoke this morning with the feeling
that something dreaded happened.
Not that something will happen-
But did happen. Later today.
Like a book that’s already been written
and we all need to wait to find out
what it was.
Now, I’m left hoping what happened
Didn’t happen to you.

-M. Taggart




God gave me two very heavy fists
I hope to never use again
but if needed
I will

I was nineteen
Someone I loved came home in the car of a well known drug dealer
I was backing down my driveway when he clipped my car
I was furious. Not at the the small accident, but at the fact that
part of my heart was sitting in a drug dealers car
So, I got out of my car, walked to the drivers window and
blew it out with my fist
I watched the glass shatter all over his head
yea, he was upset
I was happy about that

A few days later I was informed that the drug dealer was going to sue me
For a fucking window?
How bout’ them apples
I was going to be sued by a drug dealer
for breaking his window
while he sat in his car-
And he would have won
I fixed his damn window

I was in college when I was tossed in jail for a while
I broke someone’s face who, well, got what he deserved
and I did too and I’ve always been fine with that

It’s a strange thing to think about the metamorphosis
I’ve been through
Me then
Me now
Anger and strength set me free from the horrible abuse I suffered as a child
Don’t tell me Anger isn’t an appropriate emotion
It is and without it I would have killed myself

Anger is as normal an emotion as love and it’s up to us to learn how to best use it-
point it in the right direction and you will create
and what I created is my now beautiful life
that I fought for

because no one else did



ps, I paid for my college education. I went back after jail. I finished. Because that’s what I do.

copyright 2018

Odd Walking Thoughts – Beyond Thought

The boy climbed out of his window and onto the large tree and quickly made his way to the ground. He ran to the woods. He needed to sit on his rock overlooking the river. He pushed his small frame as hard and fast as it could carry him. The words were rimming in circles within his mind and now gathering pace toward the tip of his tongue. Not yet. Not yet! You will only speak them first once. Finally, his rock in view, an overwhelming feeling of joy perched in his chest; he reached the top of his rock and lay on his back to catch his breath. Sitting up, viewing the river, he spoke the words which were brimming in circles within his mind and pushing their way to the tip of his tongue- No one had given these words to him and he had never heard anything like them. He opened his mouth, ready to watch them fly, “Can memories live beyond thought?” The tiny hairs stood on his arms. A leaf fluttered slightly more north from the smallest push of air. The leaf landed nearly silently into the river. Having changed the world.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2018