Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women

-I wrote about Megan. Her strength, courage, and love. It was an emotional piece of poetry to write. I felt as though Megan and I were again living the moment of her near-death experience.

Coming soon, in early of June 2022, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women.

To be included within these pages is absolutely thrilling!

I will be sharing the link to purchase, far and wide.

Thank you, Gabriela, for again giving me an opportunity. This one…this one means the world to me.

I will be pouring over all of the works that have been selected to be published in this anthology.

I hope everyone is doing well!


Poem up. Heart wrenched out.

And back again.

The Birth (Renewal)

by M. Taggart, Monthly Contributor
site: https://mtaggartwriter.wordpress.com/

It worked. He reached in back of his kayak,
felt the cool neck of a beer, pulled it from its
cardboard six-pack holder and placed it in his lap.
He liked the way the droplets slowly slid down the
glass bottle. He opened the beer and swallowed.
The current of the Connecticut River was guiding
him directly to the island beach where he would
sit in the warm sand and read his book. The mountain
was barely in view, he could just make out the cliffs.
The summer greenery on each side of the river banks
was full and beautiful. He was the only one on the rive



read the entire poem here


If death is the last act of life*
What again
Is being conceived?

-M. Taggart

*Lucy Lipiner, Long Journey Home.
A Young Girl’s Memoir of Surviving The Holocaust

ps- i love this book

Poem up! The Angry Birth (Pain)

Some writings are more difficult to share, depending on what portion of the person the content came from.

The Angry Birth (Pain)
Written by -M. Taggart

He stared at the same imperfections in the sheetrock
each time he passed them. The studio apartment was
long enough for him to walk eight full footsteps, twelve
if he entered his bedroom, before turning around.
He no longer rocked in bed. Pacing was exercise.
He didn’t want to sit on the deck. Couldn’t. If he did
He’d go back to pacing and if he paced too long he’d
need to shower. If he showered he wouldn’t be able to
pace again…


Please read the full poem here:

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