Chillingly Beautiful -Western MA II

Western Massachusetts is a chillingly beautiful region where creativity comes from blood.  -M. Taggart.

Turners Cold
This building is located on the bank of the Connecticut River in Turners Falls, MA.  Many children have dared one another to enter any one of the old mill buildings. Some of which are dilapidated and empty.
Gill Bridge
This bridge stands some 80 plus feet above the Connecticut River in Gill, MA. It is truly beautiful. However, for locals, it unfortunately holds a haunting reputation. Sometimes the bodies aren’t found until spring, caught on the banking of an island downstream.
Mill Turners
A building left in ruins, Turners Falls, MA. It’s rumored one of the Fallout games was designed after the crumbling mill buildings found in Turners Falls. Photo Credit
B of F
The famous Bridge of Flowers located in Shelburne Falls, MA. Photo credit, millbrookhousenews.
Flood Shelburne
The flood that nearly destroyed The Bridge of Flowers courtesy of Hurricane Irene in 2011.
Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell painting. The Normal Rockwell museum is located in Stockbridge, MA. The painter found inspiration within the hills of the Berkshires. Drive through them and you’ll understand.
As a ‘hello’ to my friends back home, I had to include another Turners Falls photo. Did any of you make it to this hallway? And I wasn’t joking. Turners is rumored to be the inspiration for the Fallout Four release.


The Strathmore Paper Mill buildings in Turners Falls.
And I leave you with this hidden gem of farmland. Only a few will know its location.


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Fallout Four / Turners connection:

Gill Bridge Photo Credit –

Strathmore Paper company photo credit –

Odd Walking Thoughts – Let Dignity Embrace Strangeness

A small man walked in the strangest way. Talking to himself, he walked and flicked at the air with his hands. ‘What’s wrong with him?’ The boy asked. ‘What do you mean?’ Replied his mother. She noted the small man with dignity. ‘He swats the air with his hands while speaking,’ said her son. His mother smiled slightly, ‘when we seat ourselves in muddled afterthought we all say a prayer. Look at the man walk. He is not empty of thought as most, and when he seats his thoughts, he’s swirling everything with insight and depth.’

copyright 2016 -M. Taggart

You feel like home – A Poem

It was summer and I was driving alone – windows down – wind blowing
From the rear view mirror I watched dust thickly fly-
I needed this- the dust and leaves dropping – flying so uniquely for themselves-
I didn’t know you then
But I knew I would
You see – it’s hard for me to say – but you see-
You feel like home

copyright 2016 – M. Taggart