Never. Give. Up.
I’m a business owner,
and published author.
Twenty years ago,
while attending college,
I was sentenced
to jail and
served time.
I had a choice.
I made it.
And I thank God
I picked the right side.
‘Cause it was close.
I stood on the edge.
But, now as a husband
and father, I stand
on a mountain.

-M. Taggart

It’s only a matter of time

The most difficult piece of writing I’ve completed sits safely in a digital file. One literary agent replied to me, “I can’t touch this.”

In my opinion, in time, I’ll be contacted by either a publisher, or an agent, wanting to see what words sit within that file. And it won’t be me chasing them.

When that happens, I’ll happily champion their strength.

Cheers everyone.


-And who knows. Maybe the publisher who just published my short story ‘Screaming Hills’ will be the first to ask about it.


Never Give Up

I believe there is great strength in the ones who fight to not abandon. I think we all carry levels of pain. Some scars we can all easily see and help to care for and caress back to a version of functional health. Others are buried so deeply they’ll never be seen or fully understood. I find weakness in the ones that abandon. A selfishness that destroys itself in final completeness.