Poem – Spread the Word

the more you understand about an abuser
the more you hate them
They tell you not to-
Don’t lean on anger.
Anger is the wall
that broke through!
So fuck the talking heads
that tell how to feel
when they weren’t the ones
peeling their minds off
at the age of five.

my name is reason,
logic is my cousin.

-M. Taggart

Poem – Clone

What happens when reality gets it wrong?
Our mind’s eye feeds us truth while
we lay our heads at night, rewinding the play.

Wear the boots with memories into the woods,
where you’ll go to find a piece of wind to ask
about the clouds surrounding the inside
of your skull; placed their by a shinning
smile of a clone.

The unseen piece of wind
carries with it more reality
than any repeating, and brilliant,
performing smile of an imitation.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

Self, I’ll be me. Knife looked fine ignoring. Some lights aren’t as bright as others. And some stars burn less hot purposefully, not needing the stage. Isn’t the crisp air just that. While so many balls of eyes watch the non-adjusted. Droplets of water, with their delicate prisms, have a more clear view.

-M. Taggart


We sat next to ourselves near a pool of water
A few things we Remember
childhood horror
running from walls
from mushroomed
A deep purple came

We shouldn’t have been

The water spun and rippled
found an old friend, though.

-M. Taggart


I like to look at things that speak. Like a wall.
And a window with broken hinges
and her voice laughing
while we knew the truth
Walls see things while filthy
minds escape through lies
and here we sit
watching our wall

-M. Taggart