Odd Walking Thoughts – Needle Know’s Nothing

Thank you, though. It’s been nice knowing I’m not dead. See the flower over there? He motioned for us to look. We saw the flower over there. See how that flower opens? It’s opening from the Sun. It’s not dead either. He was laying in his bed. He wasn’t alive anymore. Not really. He still had his clothes on. He wasn’t under any covers. But the needle was in his arm. He’d left it there. We think he forgot to take it out. We looked at the flower in the vase. It had been clipped a few days earlier.

-M. Taggart

Merry Christmas

Smash a beer tonight. Or take a long pull of wine. Have a cigar. Hug your sister. Your mother. Your son. Your dog. Hug the toilet. It’s O.K. to be you. Tell your wife you love her. If she isn’t listening, tell her again. Tell the man with the beard that he has a nice beard. Ask how long it took to grow. It’s Christmas. Tell your footprints you haven’t forgotten, but that you need to move on. Nothing ever stops being tomorrow.

Merry Christmas.



Daily Prompt: Fishing Up North

via Daily Prompt: Fishing

There was a constant wind blowing from the south. The wind drove itself into the mountain range on the opposite side of the lake. He had taken the canoe to the farthest southern corner of the lake. There, the canopy of evergreens block the wind. The water was smooth.

The lake was nice and cool. The native trout were active. He watched them rise, leaving small rings. There was only the sound of the wind reaching, and swiveling away from the soft branches of the evergreens.

Raising his arm, the fly line became active and arched beautifully through the air. He’d seen a riser just ten yards in front of the canoe. He landed the fly just inside the outer portion of the ring.

Immediately his line became taught, his rod bent in half. He could feel every movement the large trout made. It fought severely. The fly snapped back into the air, and flew toward the canoe. The fish was gone.

He could still feel the vibrant activity in his hands, arms, and mostly his mind. He lay the rod down, letting the fly line drift on the water. He wanted to remember the feeling of the strike. And he wanted to remember the feeling of his failure. He reached into the inner pocket of his wool coat and found the half-smoked cigar.

He liked that a cigar lit hard after having been smoked and let to die out. He needed to cover the cigar from the wind and point it down to warm it sufficiently before trying to smoke it. If the smoke from the cigar didn’t travel fully through, he’d need to start over. After the third try his thumb would be slightly burned. If the wind was too heavy the cigar couldn’t be lit. He’d be left with a smoldering cigar and burned thumb. But, if the cigar was lit, he would enjoy the feeling of the smoke. He’d watch the swirls leave his mouth and range wildly around his face. No one arrangement of smoke was the same. Thinking about this made him ache with warmth.

-M. Taggart

(photo taken by me while fishing.)


Odd Walking Thoughts – Die Well

He was small. Especially for his age. His stomach hurt. He thought it was his fault. Whenever he ate, he was in pain. He’d cry and ask to not eat more. The woods were dark. The boy loved the woods at night. If he listened he could hear ants crawling on a leaf. Sometimes, the moon would show the way for him, other times he couldn’t see at all. It didn’t matter. When his stomach hurt he thought strange things and never told anyone. The moon was bright. So bright it lit his brook and he could see his reflection. He wanted to know about death and life but there wasn’t anyone to ask. So he asked a large rock, ‘What do you think about dying?’ The rock took a long, long time to reply. ‘If I were to kill a man I’d do it calmly. I would kill him nicely so he might die well. Men have forgotten to die well and I’d like them to remember.’

copyright 2016 -M. Taggart

Thank you – A Mind Full of

I don’t feel comfortable doing this. I’ll share a bit about myself.

I’ve been known to dabble at fishing. I’m not good. I bring a cigar to back my failure.
photo (39).jpg
I love Megan. I think my wife is stunning. I chase her. All around the house.
Beer has very little chance against me.
Gavin. May you understand fully the truth of men.
Maine Dock.JPG
We were having dinner with my wife’s colleague. He didn’t impress me. A storm was rolling in. I drank a portion of my beer, stood, and walked away from our table. I walked to the back of the restaurant and exited out a door that wasn’t being used. I stepped over the deck’s railing, caught my jeans and soaked my crotch. With wet pants and beer breath I crouched to my knees on this dock. 

I hope this helps.


Odd Walking Thoughts

Sometimes I tell a man more than I should. I could tell a man that I write because I drink. Not long after, that very same man will tell me he writes because he drinks. I could stand sideways and vomit on my shoes and chase that fucker down the street with vomit hanging and he’d never understand he isn’t me.