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Matt is a loving husband and father. The small family of three, along with their very fluffy Maine Coon cat, live in Maine. Matt is an emerging writer who has been published in America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: Northeast Regions, 2019 (Z Publishing House), America’s Emerging Horror Writers: East Region, 2019 (Z Publishing House), Massachusetts’s Emerging Writers; An Anthology of Fiction, 2018 (Z Publishing House), Vita Brevis LLC, The Drable, proletaria, and was nominated author of the month of June, 2018, on Spillwords Press. You can find his mind at work via his blog,

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  1. I’m about to email you – I’ve had a quick look around and aren’t able to figure out quickly enough how to give you access to where we write. The biggest reason the journal is kept password protected is because photos of my grandchild, and friends, are often found in entries. i sense you’re a person who keeps good their word – unless heavily provoked perhaps … Blessings your way …

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  2. Hi Matthew, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Follow this link ( to your award. This may sound like a spam comment, but I assure you I’m real and so is the award. It’s a pass-the-goodness-on-award. You’re blog and writing are wonderful!

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