poem – evocative

start with life
i did

if you have something
cherish it

took me a while to learn

i think i did OK when i was a kid
i chewed on leather straps
hanging off of my baseball glove
while waiting for line drives

then somewhere along the way
i didn’t care enough to cherish anything
i looked at things with importance
not love
to benchmark

thing is
walking in the woods,
taking time to watch a single leaf
fall in a single way,
is a good place to start

and when it lands,
find life,
and wish it well

-M. Taggart


Or to the moon, cast no doubt,
as the pitfalls to all edges speak
in whispers of encouragement.
It’s true about the shadow of Spring.
And it’s true about where I belong.
I’ll be going there, with the moon
as my anchor.

-M. Taggart