I’m from mud.


Matt was once asked, while at a bar in Ohio, where he was from. He replied, ‘I’m from mud.’ Matt roamed the farmlands, and brooks of Western, MA as a child. Matt feels Western Massachusetts is a chillingly beautiful region where creativity comes from blood. Matt is not normal. When told he is crazy he considers it a great compliment. Matt is happily married to Megan, the pusher of his writing. Megan and Matt have one son who is wildly loved.Β In fact, Gavin has not seen one day of daycare. Matt enjoys each day with Gavin while juggling his career. Matt wouldn’t want it any other way. Cheers. Beer.Β 


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  2. I too have written for years it has only been since the new year did I decide to bring my words to life,to see if others would read, I found a new peace in my words that wasn’t there before,reading your words bring me even closer,thank you for visiting,see you soon Sheldon

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  3. Very honest and a great read. Possibly one of the best bio’s I’ve read on the blogs that I follow. I’m glad to hear you started writing again and Megan encouraged you even more. Sometimes it’s easy to put it on the back burner especially when you get busy until a reason, or another person, gives you the push to get at it again. Well done! And glad to hear your partner inspired you, that’s wonderful. Your book sounds very interesting! Congrats on your first book, are you working on a 2nd one now?

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  4. Thank you! I like to give credit where credit is due. Yes, I’m writing a second and third. My second is, Colby and the Ravine, and my third I’ve just started. I’m so hung up on the editing of the second that I’ve decided to table it for a bit and let this third story come out. And yet again the credit goes to Megan. It was her suggestion that I try and write the third and give the other a breather. I can say with certainty that the opening chapter of the third is the most influential chapter I’ve written. We’ll see where it goes. If you read the first one, please let me know! And thanks again for the incredible comment.

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  5. Great writing . . . great person . . . great baby on the way! Very joyous time!

    When you mentioned you grew up in “mud”, I remember how I loved growing up with “Wild Water”. The water of the earth that had leaves floating in it and other “who knows what”. It was natural and healing – and would be totally scary to this “world today”. I can still find some of it here in Minnesota . . . and I still drink it.

    Don’t give up the mud – your going to have a son!

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    • Thank you. I’ll certainly not give up mud πŸ™‚ That’s not an option. I’ve visited clients in Minnesota and enjoyed what little I was able to see of the state. It’s one of the states I hope to spend more time in. Which area would you recommend?

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      • We live a tiny bit south of the Twin Cities. Its difficult to choose actually – my heart is around the Lake Superior area – all the way up to Grand Marais. We’ll be moving in a couple years but we have NO idea where because there are soooo many choices. πŸ™‚

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  6. I’m with Megan.
    Write. You have a voice and a story. Don’t silence yourself. I’ve learned this, too. And welcome to RetMP. I will welcome myself to a helping of mtaggart. There. We’ve formed a little mutual admiration society. – Ret


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