Ecstasy begins one compromise at a time;
Without this ability one will never experience
true happiness, only a matrix of self-doubt
layered with hidden meanings.

-M. Taggart


My son tells me he loves me
out of the blue, and
of his own accord and time.
He is the greatest gift.

I respect and love his
individual personality
and am blessed to be
in a position to help
protect his wellness.

Love is in the breath
of a child and in
their sleeping trust
of a truthful parent.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts #poem

I like straight forward curvatures in mud. I’m from mud, I say, when asked indifferently. I’m from mud and cow pastures and tall green ferns growing on the banks of the friendly gurgling brook with the trout hiding in the deepest pools under the roots of a hovering pine; casting a shadow is a harboring act of courage when having wellness in mind. for others. and more others.

-M. Taggart


Stretch your societal deprivation,
or not, and be that sunken structure.

Doesn’t much matter while what’s happened,
happened, and it’ll be next to you, or without.
The Trinity has a pulse.

-M. Taggart


We eat self reflection

And spit out mirrored proofs

’They’ say to do this.
but we don’t

‘They’ are fitted with lassitude

one thought at a time

and too full to develop

-M. Taggart


Odd walking thought

I like to drink beer and cut down trees with a chainsaw. I see them better that way. And when that one falls I find another. A fold of a rock finds us best when judgment seems to be grey, not otherwise; Watch now, at the walk we walk, as we calm our minds and listen to the brave sing.

-M. Taggart