Poem up! The Angry Birth (Pain)

Some writings are more difficult to share, depending on what portion of the person the content came from.

The Angry Birth (Pain)
Written by -M. Taggart

He stared at the same imperfections in the sheetrock
each time he passed them. The studio apartment was
long enough for him to walk eight full footsteps, twelve
if he entered his bedroom, before turning around.
He no longer rocked in bed. Pacing was exercise.
He didn’t want to sit on the deck. Couldn’t. If he did
He’d go back to pacing and if he paced too long he’d
need to shower. If he showered he wouldn’t be able to
pace again…


Please read the full poem here:

I have a day full of inspections with city officials…I look forward for those to be completed so I can
come back here and enjoy this space.

Bye for now and thank you everyone,


Hello 😊

I’m currently in the middle of one of the busiest times of my life. I’m launching a new company. We recently hired seven people and the building is nearly complete.

I’ve scheduled inspections with the city and we hope to open in just over a month.

My participation on here has been sporadic. That will change soon enough. I miss you all.

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