Odd Walking Thoughts – Truth

The henchmen ceased to follow and the birds sang their song. Each handled a hallowed corner. The trees were strong and the wind was there too. Let’s all watch as a man hangs his head in defeat, even though he wasn’t wrong. One weeps alone, not startled, having seen this before. Wondering if ever it’ll swing toward truth.

Wash – Flash Fiction

A child too young to crawl has no parents. A man placed the child in a crib and walked away while listening to its suffering cries. The infant has no understanding of the fading footsteps, but fully feels the abandonment.

Near the crib, carved into the cold stone wall, was the saying, ‘These stones wash my mind.’ A smiling face was left as a signature.

A four year old had created the message.

Etched in the planks of the wood floor beneath the infants crib was another, ‘My thoughts are new this morning having never been thought before.’ ¬†Another smiling face was left as a signature.

copyright 2016 -M. Taggart