In all the echoes silence came through
while I read this book while I read this now
Never kill yourself before last week
and never kill yourself at all

-M. Taggart

It should never matter

We walked into a whiskey distillery in Winchester, NH
Inside was nicer than expected
Wood floors. Wood beams. Wood bar.
I stood near the wall, didn’t take a stool.
I like standing. It’s freeing for my heart.
To my left was the actual distillery
Whiskey barrels with grudge marks smiled at me
The owner is an amazing man
He’s been around the world and back
And talked to me as though I mattered
When we were ready to pay he asked
me if we could put it all on one
I looked at him, unmoving
I said, “My donkey is currently at the top of the hill.
I’m not sure which way he will go.”
He said to my brothers, “How long has he been like this?”
I liked this man as soon as we had walked into his distillery.
We talked about football, and basketball
at extent with a man sitting to our right
As soon as he told us his player was Barry Sanders I told him about Curtis Martin
and I wasn’t able to stop my mouth
about Jayson Tatum and his talent
His footwork
His intelligence
We walked from
this place
with a step
loving life
even though
we were the only
white boys

-M. Taggart



It sings with the birds
Early in the morning
Lurking and churning
With the wind, inching closer
To your sleeping self
Finally entering
Through your parted lips
Without sound-
Only your dream noticed

-M. Taggart

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The Funny Brother

Yesterday I spent the day with my two brothers and an old buddy. We pub crawled in a small Vermont town, got rained on- loved it, drank good beer and smoked cigars. I took a few photos. And soon I’ll write the best man’s speech for my youngest brother’s wedding. I’m going to put my heart into this speech and if I don’t make people reach for napkins I’ll dump an entire bucket of whisky onto my head to at least make a scene worth remembering. Ha! I wouldn’t do that to my brother. It’s their time and I’ll be sure to help make it their time. I can’t wait!

Tim B
Brattleboro, VT. I think someone should tell Tim Burton that I found his house.
Bratt VT
Brattleboro, VT
Funny Brother
Three Brothers on the right. Old buddy with the beard on the left. Our youngest, all the way on the right with the blue shirt, has always had an amazing ability to make funny faces for the camera. He delivered so well with this one that we laughed uncontrollably. I’m wearing the white and blue checkered shirt and our oldest brother is wearing the white t. We live in three different states and seldom are able to be together at the same time. Figured I’d share this with my digital family. Cheers everyone!


yesss yes yes!!!!! Thank you WordPress!!!!!!

A short story of mine has been picked up by a publisher!!!!!!!! They found me via this blog.  I am so happy. I am So fucking thrilled!!!!!! Don’t think for one second that writing on this amazing platform goes unnoticed!!

They invited me to submit. It’s been months and I’ve been pulling my brain cells out not knowing and finally I just received the acceptance letter!

Fuck yes!!!! This literally wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for this blog. There are a number of you that can and will be picked up. I’ve read your talent. Just keep writing. Don’t doubt what you know about yourself.




Some of the things I
Need to write about
Are an unfortunate
Part of my past
I don’t want to push
That ugliness into
The world, but I know
What needs to be done
Like yesterday afternoon
When I came face-to-face
With a nasty dog
It wasn’t until I became more
Ugly than his ugly
That he tucked his tail and ran
Back home whimpering
I had enough of him
Showing me his teeth
I wish it wasn’t this way
But sometimes it is

-M. Taggart

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