poem- a little longer

A family member shared delicate news.
I’m looking out my window,
watching the rain.
I hope the test is negative.
I pray the test is negative.
He’s a good man.
A strong thinker
with great faith.
I’ve always watched the rain.
I think I’ll sit here a little longer.

-M. Taggart



Odd Walking Thoughts

Our own thoughts came around again. Funny how that happens. A floor holding an image of a mirror came back. Someone wanted something. Watch as the floor says nothing, having seen twice what was once, and then watch as the voice asks for more.

-M. Taggart

And the writing trail continues!

My short story, ‘The Stump Maker,’ word count his risen to 3,400!

There’s something about bringing a story to life that fills my soul full of positive fuel.

The submission word cap is 5,000..so I’ll be sliding this one to an end shorty…a heart pounding end I hope! It is a horror story after all ;P

Cheers, Everyone!

I hope your day is treating you well.


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And author of the award winning short story, ‘Bodies in The Basement.’

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Odd Walking Thoughts

Lay us near the side of our brook. We’ll listen and observe a thing burn inside, like we did. Turn again in the mud, smell the ferns, wash the ‘self’, and watch as soul sinks in. Man in a white coat wants to ask how, doesn’t matter much. He’ll be here, or not, again. Seems to us a brook is a fine place to be. It’s always about something. So we see, and we do what there is to do about the seeing until, finality.

-M. Taggart