Where’s a broken bubble go-
-I don’t fucking care
Actually, I do
I always have

-M. Taggart


Odd Walking Thoughts

It’s all fine. Until it’s not. Although, from a child’s point of view it’s possibly only about sticks and stones and how far will this jump take them over the brook. Landing midway, a smile breaks out from underneath the learned hardness, as if the smile were welcoming themselves home again. This is you. With the water streaming around your small legs, yet to grow into adulthood because this is you; a child wearing a smile standing in a brook after having jumped directly into the middle without a care. And all of the trees waved in the wind.

-M. Taggart

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Poem – Welcome Home

The clouds are coming in dark and heavy
bringing with them a relentless wind
The birds are excited
I can hear them with their elevated chirping
They too know what’s to follow
I look forward to the rain
Maybe I’ll step outside
as the sky opens to great us

-M. Taggart