Up This Road

Up this road just a few miles more
is where I lived my worst memories.
Gill. That’s the name of the town.
Lots of cows, brooks and a river.
An editor is trying to help me
push forward with my story.
He’s waiting for my adjustments.
Every time I open it, I’m triggered.
I’ve updated nothing. Maybe I should
drive to this spot, walk a few miles.
Maybe that’ll unlock my leash.
That’s the thing about severe
childhood trauma. You can lock it away,
compartmentalize, as always, but
when it comes down to it it’s
as alive as it always was. Fight or Flight.
I chose to fight. I’m stuck on FIGHT.
Up that road, just a little ways, holds some
of my best memories. Mother. Brothers. Life.

-M. Taggart


Into the mouth of the coffer,
the ever suctioning hole,
offering differences between
beginning and end; it was
the second look that held
the opening, and this doorway
led to the longest second-
ensuring the first wasn’t wasted.
Come in. The existence is fine.

-M. Taggart


Imagine a world where happiness
during distress is considered
a form of intelligence.
Because that’s where our society sits.
On a cliff. We watch each other
knowing it shouldn’t be like this, but it is.
We teach ourselves how to be led
by the sound of a bell, rather than by
our instincts, further dulling our true selves.
Imagine if we allowed our teachers
to push aside the benchmarks and
utilize their love for humanity,
which helped guide them to chase a dream
to help make a difference in our youth-
only to beat them down with regulations
and to steal their very voices from their throats.
What a shame it is to box up our best minds
only to box up more.

-M. Taggart

An Old Beginning- Poem up on MasticadoresUSA

An Old Beginning

Talk beautiful and watch the world collapse-
Humanity disbelieves its current balance
and once again painted prints are unable
to cover anything in entirety, so it spreads,
unending, as though it has finally found
communion in the space inside our heads,

Please read the entire poem here:

Thank you, Gabriela, for accepting and publishing my poem on MasticadoresUSA. You are an incredible talent in our literary world.

Gabriela Marie Milton is an award winning author and editor. Many of you already know Gabriela, however, if you aren’t aware of Gabriela, please visit her site here: https://shortprose.blog/about/

Positive Update!

I’ll be sharing a published poem tomorrow!

Please keep an eye out! The Poem, An Old Beginning, was one of three
which I had previously submitted to a poetry contest.

The batch received a semi finalist mention, but they were unpublished.

I’ll be sharing the published poem as soon as I can.

Have fun today!


*A special thanks to a very talented author/editor who made this happen. I’ll be sure to
include their details as well.

Mountains do nicely #pros

Not all roads lead to Rome.
Some lead deeper into the woods.
Deeper into the mountains
and further from civilization.
I like getting lost in thought
while driving on roads that contain
very little in the way of society.
I find it helps to center me,
and helps to calm my anxieties.

-M. Taggart