Poem- What the Hell is Time?

I believe some minutes are longer than others.
If you don’t believe me, set your timer for one minute,
and write as much as you possibly can without editing.
Then read what you’ve written. I’ve done this and
completely lost myself in the imagery of the words.
Later in the day, have a beer, and talk with a friend.
Start a stop watch and let it go without
looking at it. Time flows and ebbs how it wishes
and we intolerable humans try to mash it into a clock.
I seem to have this ongoing internal debate with time
and how it functions. I suppose I’m a bit deliberate with
my flaws and I’m unsure if my argument will deliver
a fruitful resolution, or simply help provide you with
having spent another minute on a few words about nothing.

-M. Taggart


11 thoughts on “Poem- What the Hell is Time?

  1. When I was a kid we used to say that we lived by ‘Indian time.’ No watches or things like that. It was the shadow of a tree, the position of the sun, an sense of passage rather than a true measurement. I still ‘practice’ this sort of time-keeping in my life. It is far more relaxing that to constantly worry about the face or a clock and it’s ever buy hands. Thanks for the essay — and letting me share this memory.


  2. I believe time is much more fluid than we were taught. It’s all about perception. Sometimes five minutes feels like an eternity and sometimes it is so fleeting. I have, for many years, claimed that I have no sense of time. I don’t. Literally. Two minutes, two hours, I don’t “get” the passage of time. I have found that releasing that need to know time and our movement through it frees me to just accept and be.

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  3. I regularly argue that time is not uniform. I believe this is backed up by the fact people very often agree – “today is dragging”, “it it only 11am?”, or “wow, today has just flown by”. I have another theory about time: People often agree that time speeds up as we get older and I believe this is mainly because 1 month to a 10 year old is a much larger chuck of his total experience than 1 month to a 60 year old. Remember, for example the endless summers of our childhoods. Time is not at all like most think, I suspect. I really like your writing Matt.


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