WordPress – The Final Frontier

Occasionally I receive emails from fellow bloggers. I find it heartwarming. When I nearly lost Megan, a number of you reached out to me. The support I was given by my peers within this WordPress platform was touching and I needed it.

I have no choice but to write. If I don’t, I am not well. My first post on WordPress was this, “Test.” I clicked publish. I literally had zero clue what WordPress was, or what would happen. I was shocked when a few people ‘liked’ that first post. I didn’t realize it was actually ‘live’ and viewable, not just on WordPress, but for the entire internet world.

After the first year of writing on here, I happily admit that I had this thought, “To what end?” I asked myself what was the point of doing this. I thought about this for a few weeks and the answer became very clear. I write for myself. I need to write. And I’m massively thankful for WordPress. I use the ‘free’ version and it has produced astonishing results. I’ve connected with friends from around the world who helped support me through family hardship, publishers have researched my blog and invited me to submit to them, and I learned that apparently I write poetry.

If you are new to blogging and are asking similar questions about the purpose, I hope this helps. It’s not just worth your time, it’s part of your life. Just keep going. Even if you post something and receive zero feedback, likes, follows, etc. That’s happened to all of us. And at the end of the day, that’s OK too. Especially when you’re writing for yourself.

Cheers everyone, and seriously, thank you for being with me.




21 thoughts on “WordPress – The Final Frontier

  1. Very nicely stated!

    I think many of us begin this way, astonishingly (and in some cases blisfully) unaware what we getting ourselves into. Then one day, we awaken and say ‘Why do this thing?’ And I think the majority say, ‘For me.’ Sounds selfish, but it isn’t. It is, instead the process of healing, sharing, integrating — and it all begins within us.

    I’m a firm believer that if more people sat down, taking the time to write daily, they’d see less struggle and conflict in there lives because they’d see each encounter as an opportunity to explore, to research, to think about and put down into words, their experiences — and by doing so, come out on the otherside with a better understanding of the other person, if not the world. Rant over.

    Again, thank you and wonderfully put. Write on!

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  2. And I love walking this journey with you, Matt. Thank you for always sharing. You’re the best. I often think of Megan and hold you all in my heart. I’m so glad you get to hold her each and every day.


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