Utterly Fascinating

Outosego has taken a few words of mine (my poem, Set Sail) and added those words to a video with images. I’ve never seen my work added to visuals and music such as this.

Outosego is a very active, supportive, fellow blogger and a social media artist.

You can check out Outosego’s creativity mixed with my poem here:

M. Taggart : A thought is like a ship

I hope you enjoy this as I did. Cheers!


(ps- the music kicks in at roughly the 12 second mark.)


9 thoughts on “Utterly Fascinating

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Matt. This is a hobby of mine, actually. Through this, i try to make a few things a bit more vivid (as vivid at they can be) in the so-called blog – sphere… lol… My way, though. I mean, having in mind the poets, the painters, etc. And, of course, expressing thyself through this.

    Sometimes, i have the stupid impression that i bring back to life some wonderful people of the past. The last two words of yours “gone, forever”, brought some memories back. Of a professor of mine,who wrote a whole book for only two words that we like to use a lot : “The Always” and “The Forever”.

    Thank you, Matt.

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