Oh, Gavin. This mind of yours.

Am I the only one to find creativity in this? I am the father. I wish to not be blind of that fact. However, I can’t unsee the stance, the distance, the background. The use of ‘people’ which are decorations for a home, just not in this instance. In this instance, a soon-to-be four-year-old positioned his people exactly so.



I had no choice but to take this photo and share with all of you.



photo taken 8/12/19


12 thoughts on “Oh, Gavin. This mind of yours.

  1. Face to Face and interacting in some way:)! I enjoyed your short story about the small town. It was disturbing and hopeful and edgy and makes me think about small towns differently. Very well written with great imagery.

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    • Thank you! I’m thrilled that it came in and that you’ve already read it. These small towns are everywhere, especially in the northeast. The old mills near canals and rivers wasting away. But there’s also a beautiful grit about them and the people. Hoping I am able to continue the story. If you end up writing a review I will share it everywhere lol


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