25 thoughts on “past

  1. I won’t click on the”like” button on this, since Chronus and death are my enemies. However, it is clever what you did, because of some wonderful answers that you accomplish to get through this.

    Ps 1 : I assume you already know this, Matt, but you give the opportunity to write it again. Plato said -or wrote- that the biggest question in philosophy is -or should be- the topic of death. But to think on your own death, and not in general.

    Ps 2 : I would love, Tara, to write a few more things on this, because i really want to understand if this is a metaphorical speech, or a result she got through some kind of a certain circumstance. Hypnosis is such.

    Ps 3 : We all know about the nde and the nders. But someone said that his experience, his “death” was the greatest pleasure he had, greater than sex ! He added : “death by natural causes, since i don’t know how it feels in any other case”. Of course, there is more on this topic. Thank you, Matt. And take care. I, also, enjoyed your friends’ answers. I like to thank them, too.


    • Morning! ( it is here anyway) Be sure to check out Tara’s blog, she went on to write a post about her experience just after commenting on mine. It seems many in my area have discontinued discussions on philosophy. Randomly I’ll meet someone who has an interest, but it’s few and far … I’ll continue to concentrate on it..Its secrets are endless.

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  2. indeed… it’s a realm we cannot truly know… and those, like Tara, give us tiny glimpes with are tantalizing but sill in the shadows. As Paul (apostle) said, now we see through a glass darkly, one day we shall see face to face. (CS Lewis also liked to ponder this idea).


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