Saw a man today

Saw a man today
wheeling a grill
down a crowded street

it was raining
His face was tight

He looked homeless,
but with a grill

I wanted to know his story

The rain picked up.
the line of vehicles too

in my rear view mirror
I watched him push
the grill into the woods

he stumbled at first

I wanted to praise him.
I said a prayer

-M. Taggart

(photo taken by me. same day)

I Don’t need this secret.

I was sitting at the bar. Directly to my left was a door leading to the
deck. The wind was picking up. John was rambling on with a friend.
I saw the clouds and thought of my father. I walked outside and took
this photo. I liked the wind and the darkening clouds. These clouds
were exactly overhead. I wondered if there was a piece of my father
in them. His celebration of life is this coming Saturday.
I don’t want to go. I will go. But I don’t want to. I’m struggling with
the guilt of not wanting to go. Just like I’m struggling with the guilt
of telling my father he wasn’t there for me when I needed him most.
I guess that’s how it goes. And maybe that’s why I stood outside alone.
I wanted to show someone the photo of the clouds when I walked back in.
What’s the point though. The clouds meant more to me than them.
They always will.

-M. Taggart

photo taken 6/15/21 in Maine.