Mountains do nicely #pros

Not all roads lead to Rome.
Some lead deeper into the woods.
Deeper into the mountains
and further from civilization.
I like getting lost in thought
while driving on roads that contain
very little in the way of society.
I find it helps to center me,
and helps to calm my anxieties.

-M. Taggart

18 thoughts on “Mountains do nicely #pros

  1. I remember NEEDING such a drive years ago, and heading up through the rain and into the darkness along Rt. 119 into New Hampshire. Still the works of man quite evident, but you go for miles between small towns across what was a bleak fall landscape, with Joan Baez singing “Diamonds and Rust” to help along the melancholy mood.

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  2. Your blog is great, I particularly liked reading about this way of seeking nature’s assistance in navigating your path. Come have a look at my blog too, I write poetry.


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