A mug full #poem

To have great affection for a pub
is much like missing an old friend,
and when you see that friend
nothing has changed and you sit
down with a mug of beer and
catch up on how the outside
looks from the inside view.

-M. Taggart

Happy Mother’s Day! 2021

Especially to all of you out there who wonder if you’re enough.

You are. You always were.

The amount of courage, instinct, soul and love that go into being a mother is something I can only witness, but not truly understand. I’ll continue to watch and to listen well; especially during those moments when my attempts have failed.


Megan, Gavin is so very lucky to have you as his mother.

And to think it could have been

And just like how you thought it would be,
it was.

And the oak fell with the most delicate calculation,
given by the softness of the pushing wind,
and came to be with a thud where it is now.
The wind took its leave and was never seen again;
only remembered by the one who had first
seen how it could be.

And even if told to another
it wouldn’t have mattered.

Because it was
and it didn’t.

-M. Taggart

A month again and again a month.

Today came and shortly after Today came again.
It goes like this. It will always go like this, and I
dislike the word always, but I find it grand to
think about the departure of one day for another,
and I think it grand about how even after the
most beautiful sunrise, that I know in my heart,
there will be a more beautiful sunrise soon enough.

-M. Taggart