10 thoughts on “Poem

      • I love Poe. In my mind, he is the absolute and only master of horror.
        I’m not so sure about opening avenues for me, I feel like I have fallen into a never-ending ditch of some sort while trying to market this anthology.
        I’m learning some painful lessons, but they will help in my next endeavor. I don’t think that I’ll be participating in anthologies anymore.


      • In 2013, or thereabouts, I fell into a similar ditch when I self published a story that was based on true events. When I stopped focusing on that and just started writing about whatever I wanted to again everything seem to open up. But that’s just my experience and I’m not sure if it’s in anyway helpful or relates. For me, Poe, as one of the absolute best understanding as to how to bend any word in any direction. A true master.

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      • Oh, yes. Although my stories appear in numerous anthologies, (vanity publishers) I don’t like those stories. They were “forced”.

        But, the one I wrote for the Poe anthology shines with who I am as a writer — not restrained with a group’s rules. I just wish we new more about marketing.

        Learning can be painful. 😉

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