Here’s the song! Just a Captain

My brother, Chris, yet again knocked it out of the park by capturing this incredible song while it was playing live on the radio. Thank you, Chris!

Miss you, Dad. What a gift it is to listen to this gem. And to all of my WP friends out there who’ve taken a moment to express kindness concerning my Father’s passing, thank you. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

That’s my old man singing and playing the guitar. He wrote the song.


What an amazing talent, Dad, I should have told you more often.

15 thoughts on “Here’s the song! Just a Captain

  1. Yayyy. So happy I got to listen to it!Thank you! He had a very strong yet gentle voice. So glad you and your family were able to experience this. I lost my father over 23 years ago and still speak with him Sorry for your loss but glad you had him in your life.❤️

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  2. It was a pleasure listening to this. If you have a collection of his songs, you can get them rendered and release them as an album in Spotify. In these times of junk music, some good old country songs would be a delight.


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