And Said… #Poem

It was a stone
like any other stone
except it had a mouth
and spoke
of pine needles
and quantum therapy
and about how a few
fingers could cross the world
if only for eyes
to see
and a heart
to feel
It told about how the heavens
rained down so hard that the
stone’s eyes were worn away
and while it admitted it never
had fingers, it felt it nearly
could have while sadly
its soul drifted away, quickly even,
then slowly as the rain lessened
Eventually the stone lay still
with a bit of sun and less self
and more thoughts with less sight
until it was found by a frog
hopping around laughter
lit by courage
and carried by a young girl
wearing a yellow hat
She dabbed the stone with
a dry towel and said

-M. Taggart


Hey Dad
I’m listening to a song

In it, I hear you

After the divorce, five years old,
I’m watching you play guitar
at the foot of the bed

In the home I used to live in

The same bed you and Mom
slept in

You’re gone now
But not really
It only takes one song
and a note
to bring everything back

I saw you once a week
as a child
Thank you for trying to make
the most of it

-M. Taggart

ps, he can’t hit it as good as you. just sayin.
Someone you loved.


A man
once told me
there’s nothing
when we die

That’s funny

I find nothing sitting next to me

And I found nothing next to his ears
and eyes
and mouth

His mind was lost
trying to lead me

God apparently left few traces
for few to follow

Spread throughout
every morning sun
and sunset

There’s nothing

-M. Taggart

Poem – Abe

Delusional, humiliation, humiliated.

sometimes I say words outloud
to exercise my tongue

My childhood best friend struggles with ‘humiliated’
I make sure to practice that one from time-to-time
and I’ll call him and say it, then I ask him to say it.

I’m real nice like that.

somehow he’s still my best friend
and he’s one hell of a man
I’d fight for him

when my Dad was dying in the hospital
he constantly looked in on me, and my Dad,
with texts and phone calls

He’s the one I turn to, to vent
I remember Abe saying to me once
“Let’s just run away.”

He lived at my house.
We were teenagers.

And while we walked down my street
I jumped and punched the STOP sign,
it spun upside down and read, POTS.

We didn’t run away.
and it was around that time
when I realized God had given me
one hell of a right
which landed me in jail

Gotta go.
I owe my best friend a phone call.
I need it.

gonna say humiliated
and ask him to say it

then I’m gonna send him the link
to read this

Love you man. Always.

-M. Taggart

These empty streets

i drove to my father’s house
in Massachusetts.
a group of us made a large
dump run for my step-mother.
we even pulled the old pool table
out from the basement.
i held onto one end as a neighbor
cut it in half so we could
fit it into the trailer
i felt a bit sad then

after everyone left
i stayed with my step-mother
and listened to some of
my father’s music
he was damn good
but gone now

i walked into each room,
a house i lived in
as a small child,
and walked around the yard.
so much had changed
but everything was the same

eventually i loaded my truck and
drove home on streets filled with
traffic, but i only saw blank and
empty faces, gawking and waving
unhappily at slow drivers

i wonder if they know they’re alive

-M. Taggart