How to create an Amazon Author page?

Hello WordPress friends,

I need to create an Amazon Author page. I’m hoping a few of you can help guide me.

All tips and thoughts are welcome! (I do realize I go to amazon and click create your account. It’s once inside that I’m hoping I can put best practices to use by learning from all of you.)


Thank you!

10 thoughts on “How to create an Amazon Author page?

  1. Seemingly easy but it took me eight months to get it set up. Amazon is terrible to “work with”. Horrible horrible customer service. Hopefully you’ll have better luck. I could explain my issues but you most likely won’t have them.

    I’ve heard from others the absolute best way to set up is to just publish thru KDP. If you haven’t (like me) then it’s a shit-show. Not impossible, just… annoying.


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