# -M. Taggart’s Odd Walking Thoughts

It’s not that we hear things, it’s that things hear us. Toss a thought outside the mold, little red lines aligned for footsteps are followed by vocals. We’re as certain of this as we are as certain about pinholes filling light into darkness. Deep in the darkness, sitting in a corner, they prepare deceptive smiles and gestures. Here, they practice with nothing to see. “I want,” they whisper.

-M. Taggart

5 thoughts on “# -M. Taggart’s Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. Wow, nine lines and a reader can take each line and write pages on each with interpretation. I know because I just brainstormed on what the lines made me think about. I wish I could do this. You can say so much in only nine lines. I can’t even write my name in only nine lines.


    • Blaine, I appreciate your interest in this piece. lol I’m not sure that anyone has ever brainstormed on anything I’ve written- so, I’ll be keeping your comment, adding it to the list of comments that are important to me on this journey of writing. Also, my Odd Walking Thoughts, hold a particular portion of my soul. Thanks for taking a moment to read.

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      • Absolutely! The walking thoughts are amazing. And, if they’re coming from a specific part of your soul, then I understand why they grab my attention. There’s always something more behind them. It’s amazing how much can be said with an economy of words. It may sound like an odd example to relate, but when I was learning how to crack a bullwhip, the instructor would emphasize that the practice is an exercise in minimalism. In other words, let the physics crack the whip. There’s no need to over shoulder the motion. All you have to do is have the tip of the whip breaking the sound barrier as the rolling loop reaches the end. The analogy is, your words are so perfectly chosen that they so efficiently and equally carry all of the work, and there is a mighty sonic boom at the end. As a reader, I love to first guess at a most literal translation of what you are thinking. But, then, after that, my thoughts always shift to my own history where you are always describing an event I’ve encountered firsthand. You’ve accomplished something I always wanted to. Your words inspire thought and reflection that make me look inward, too. I can never wait for your next post.


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