Dreams – And The Creative Process

I’ve literally been ‘given’ lines of poetry in my dreams. I wake up, do my job, and write them down.  -M. Taggart

This thought was spurred into being by an intriguing post written by Angel Zuma. It appears that Angel is a relatively new blogger.

Please, let’s flood Angel’s blog with support! Visit Angel’s post here:


10 thoughts on “Dreams – And The Creative Process

  1. Yeah I believe I was among the first five to follow her. She writes really great posts. I agree with the facts that dreams help a lot in writing. One day I slept for 10 hrs and in that experienced a whole new story which I could have never imagined while awake (I am talking about the destiny series which I guess you read the first few excerpts of). I believe that they are the way of the soul’s communicating with the higher power (a.k.a. god). I hope some day we discover more about this strange phenomenon which is a part of our routine life.

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  2. Hello Matt. I completed 20 posts today and decided to make a post thanking readers. With all the support you have given to me, could I mention your name in it?


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