It hurt to try and open it.
So, I did what I’ve always done
and went to a pub to read a book.
Only this time, I was in the book.
The bar was full so I stood in the corner
and ordered a dark beer.
The noise from the many conversations
faded, as they always do when I read,
but when I touched the book it felt electric.
“Here I am,” I thought. “About to read my own story.”
But I couldn’t do it. I opened the book to page 62.
Hell, I even took a picture.
But I couldn’t read my short story.
I couldn’t even get beyond the second line.
I’m not sure why. I don’t know what happened.
I’ll most likely read all the others and never read mine.

-M. Taggart


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136 thoughts on “poem-

  1. We read for so many reasons. To escape, to live, to learn, to experience that which we haven’t, among others. You open the covers of a book to open a window into a house that you will discover with every other reader.

    When you are in the pages, you’re opening a window into a house you’ve already been in and survived. You found your way out, you put your footsteps on paper. It’s no wonder that the cover feels electric. You’re trying to open a window into a house you’ve already survived, and you are reading the words which represent every footfall you took to get away from there. It’s surreal and you are effectively trying to peek in to a world that existed before the inception of who you have become. Those are not easy tracks to lay, even harder to retrace.

    If it is something you feel you need to do, you will eventually be able to. But for now, know that you walked across those pages and you closed that window when you placed your last period. And your stronger for having been able to do any of that. This is just an irritating bump, you’ve tramped hurdles that would have broken anyone else. It’s ok to stop and just let yourself be alright with not battling through the bump in the road. Sometimes, you are better off waiting until the rain comes to wash away the hidden nails.

    Congratulations on the book!


  2. If you’re like, every time I read, I want to make improvements. Maybe, your afraid you’ll want to rewrite.
    As long as your fans love it, then it’s a great piece of work.


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