7 Reasons to Write

Because we’re not perfect and we should see what that looks like in written form-

We all have the same words at our disposal and it’s intriguing to see how we use them so differently-

You may find hidden attributes within your personality-

Creation of words written into phrases or stories may put into motion action for yourself and possibly others-

It’s good for the heart, mind and soul-

If you don’t, these words will chase you-

As Emily Dickinson once wrote, ‘Your thoughts don’t have words every day’ and when they do, I think we ought to write them down-

-M. Taggart

(OWO 3/10/15)


A man
once told me
there’s nothing
when we die

That’s funny

I find nothing sitting next to me

And I found nothing next to his ears
and eyes
and mouth

His mind was lost
trying to lead me

God apparently left few traces
for few to follow

Spread throughout
every morning sun
and sunset

There’s nothing

-M. Taggart


Writing is like anything.
It’s like breathing or smoking
and watching how the smoke
rises around your face
then looking at the make of your vehicle,
a GMC, and noticing the license plate
says vacation land. I don’t believe it’s
always meant to be hard.
Sometimes it’s meant to be what you see.
What you feel. What you remember.
I know, remembering what you felt can
bring on the terribly difficult and that
portion can certainly be hard.
But it’s all right there. Waiting.
It’s a matter of doing it.
All of it. Just like anything else.

-M. Taggart

Life Well Seen. Published.

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Life Well Seen – A Poem

You ever walk up a flight of concrete stairs
and wonder who poured the cement?
How long until it starts to crack?
And how many winters it can survive
until the cement needs to be ripped out
and new steps need to be created?

Read the entire Poem Here:

I decided to submit poetry again and I turned toward Spillwords Press, NYC, whom have treated me excellently for a number of years. Cheers everyone!



Stretch your societal deprivation,
or not, and be that sunken structure.

Doesn’t much matter while what’s happened,
happened, and it’ll be next to you, or without.
The Trinity has a pulse.

-M. Taggart