Odd Walking Thoughts

A child screams but no one does a thing besides scream back to grow up. Patience is a virtue unless you’re an adult who wishes it upon a child to be just, like, them,. eventually the child becomes a young person remembering having screamed with hurt. But this child won’t be the same. This child will be the one adult to not ignore the screaming. And the hills walk on without looking down, so they say.

-M. Taggart



18 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts

  1. I don’t have children but, from what I’ve observed, people seem to want ‘mini me’s’, carbon copies of themselves complete with all their faults and fears. It’s easy to say as an outside observer but wouldn’t it be better to raise them as we ourselves would like to be?
    I always have to read your posts 2 or 3 times and they always make me think very deeply about something which just doesn’t seem to be there at first glance -that’s quite a talent that you have :O)


    • It’s incredible knowing a few take the time for a second read to let the words work. Thank you so much for that. Cheers and good morning. Also, I know a number of amazing parents too. I’ll even IT out at some point and wrote about that. But hell, I never know what I’m going to write about. It just comes out the way it does.


  2. Is there really a right way to raise children? You try to make sure that they don’t commit the same mistakes that you did as a child; you try to surround them with the kind of atmosphere you’d have liked to grow up in; you give them everything you wished you had when you were growing up; you analyse your experiences and try to make their experiences flawless; and all of a sudden, they start taking you for granted. Giving them so much liberty, ease and comfort almost makes your presence invisible. What do you do then? Maybe turbulence shapes people best. Maybe a little hurt will only make them stronger, so should we let them cry and scream and everything that you wrote about?


    • Good points and thank you for the comment. This piece is about a child that has been screamed at their entire life, who does not grow to repeat the same, instead grows and develops beyond what they experienced. I have much more thought into this than a few lines. Cheers btw.


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