I enjoy writing without a glass ceiling. Why smile for a camera as fake as the one holding it. -M. Taggart

This line is in reference to my last post. It’s rough, raw, crude and it’s honest and real. I write for myself. I write with a larger picture in mind, and often of what I feel society could be, or what its shortcomings are. At times I cannot achieve what I want if even the faintest thought concerning someones feelings becomes logged into my writing. I’d rather not write at all. That post was me not playing nice with my words. I’m comfortable with that and I trust the understanding is out there that I aim to offend no one. It’s writing. And until the societal camouflage eases back into my spirit I’ll continue to give myself permission to be me.

Cheers and thanks everyone,

-M. Taggart

3 thoughts on “Quote

  1. One of the reasons I’ve read practically everything Bukowski has written is because the power in his writings showing us the messy unvarnished truth of rampant hypocrisy, gives me hope.
    This is exactly how I feel about what you’ve written in this post and in your short story “Don’t Be a Sally.” They are Real and staying true to yourself

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