Odd Walking Thoughts – Think Stickly

We wonder. Is it for pity we are unable to perform any one movement subconsciously. Clear out head. Think stickly and fetch the water hose which carries the best of everything. We’ll certainly view the song sung while water finds our lips. We press our lips together and never drink.  -M. Taggart

2 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts – Think Stickly

  1. Hi Matt – My latest post, “The Child Adapts,” was inspired by your piece, “Stain” – I’d love to put a link to it on the post, but wanted to get your permission first. Let me know. How is Gavin? Latest new trick? Anything? Thanks 🙂


    • Gavin is doing incredibly well. He’s very happy and healthy. Currently he’s enjoying his new jumper seat with toys hung all around him. I was surprised to see how he enjoyed snowfall. Have a good morning and yes feel free to put a link to it. Enjoy the day!


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