A Thank You – ‘A Walk on the Bright Side’

To the point- This is a ‘Thank You’ post written for a WordPress Blogger. Read on to learn who. (A link to their blog is located at the bottom)

I first joined WordPress in August of 14′ because I needed a method in which I could share a few of my short stories with friends and family. Thanks to FB, that’s impossible to do via that platform. Enter WordPress. The first post I created was a test and a complete accidental publish. Later I checked my email and to my surprise had followers and a few likes.

I’m now sitting at my desk, with coffee, writing a ‘Thank You’ to a blogger who has left me with a positive impact. This writer is genuine. This writer is a mother, a teacher, and a transparently sincere individual who deserves to be noticed for both her writing and her supportive character.

Goergette took the time to not only skim my odd writing, but also dove into understanding it. She asked to read my self published short story, which was flattering. But, not only did she read it, she then placed a review on amazon and made mention of it on her own blog. That’s an example of a selfless act that I don’t often see. Goergette didn’t even mention her own ability to write while praising other writers.

Goergette writes with vibrancy within her poems. I often read them with my morning coffee because as her blog title states, “A Walk on the Bright Side” is a good way to start one’s day. She also has the ability to touch on topics that will cause pause, make you remember something you’ve filed away, before moving on with your day.

I don’t understand how Blog award works, so the hell with them. I figured I’d write my own version of a Blog award and I give this one to Goergette.

Here’s a link to her blog.


I hope this day treats you well,


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