How Tall Is A Thought

Not long ago my father
suggested that I pull back
on some of my cryptic style
writing. He wasn’t asking that
I not write how I write. He was
wondering, out-loud, what the
reaction from the reader base might be.
His suggestion has widened my writing.
I thank him for that. I thank myself for
barely being able to handle his feedback.
I really should be better at that.
So, I’ll write simply, and I’ll also keep
thinking of a way to measure a thought.
I’ve never known how tall one can be.
Also, what happens if it has no height,
or if you stack a thought resembling
the original thought on top, without knowing
where the top is, due to lack of measurement.

-M. Taggart
copyright 2018


Love you Dad.

3 thoughts on “How Tall Is A Thought

  1. Well Jesus said if you put a thought on top of your head you don’t get any higher. What else could ‘what man by thought can raise on cubit to his stature?’ have meant 🙂


  2. Cryptic or not you’re lucky he reads your stuff… or you want him to read it, either way! Cryptic makes it very open to interpretation but direct is more vulnerable and shines the light in our own lives. I feel more protected when I’m not transparent. However when I read other people’s raw truths I definitely get their lives and feel it more.

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