10 thoughts on “Poem

  1. Amazing Matt! I can’t grasp what it means till now, but it seems to have a deep meaning. Will try to figure it out. Also, thanks for all your advices! My new posts are getting likes much faster. A question again, if someone comes to my site and likes all posts, should I request them to follow? Or just thank them and let them be?


      • Ok. Btw, still don’t get what this poem means. Could you put it in simple words which this tiny brain of mine can grasp?


      • I often tell people to let the poem mean whatever it needs to mean to the reader. It’s much about truth/lies and how liars feel victorious even when the person being lied to knows the truth.


      • I love that. I too always believe that everyone sees the same thing differently. Just wanted to know what you meant when you wrote that.


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