You’re Drunk – Short Story. Fiction.

Written by -M. Taggart
copyright 2017
You’re Drunk. Fiction.

‘You don’t like this show because you’re drunk.’

‘It’s hard for me to watch. They talk about fucking and how they fuck and how the others fuck and how they might want to fuck all the others.’

‘No one says that. Everyone loves it and only you say that. See. You’re drunk. You sit on your drunk ass and just do that.’

‘I’m standing.’

‘I can’t talk to you when you’re drunk. Shut the fuck up.’

‘I may be drunk. I’m standing and I’m not yelling. I don’t want to watch your show. I won’t apologize. I think people who want to show themselves half naked to make money and then not work shouldn’t then judge everyone else.’

‘What do you know. You’re drunk. You go to hell and let me watch my show.’

Outside on the deck it was breezy and the night was brimming with life. The birds hand’t yet gone to nest and the outline of the oak trees could still be seen.

‘That’s right you fucking drunk. Go outside like a dog!’

The deck felt cool on his bare feet and he liked it. He watched a lightening bug appear and it made him smile. The noise from the TV was less now and he closed the door to make it leave all together. Another lightening bug lit and he sat down on the steps.


copyright 2017 -M. Taggart

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10 thoughts on “You’re Drunk – Short Story. Fiction.

    • I forgot to label this as Fiction. It came to me quickly last night and I wanted to get it down and hadn’t thought of the title much, or the labeling of the genre. I respect your comment. I think it’s difficult for someone to state that a scene like this resonates with them and many would shy from saying so. Thank you and have a good morning.

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      • I thought you brought out the conflict that creeps into a relationship well. Emotions can run high and communication is impossible at times. That’s when it’s best to seek solitude to let the pressure drop down before one blows an O’ring. Well done!

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      • a fictitious story, perhaps; but based on reality. i liked it. i identify with the “drunk.” totally agree with his perspective. his vision is more keen and clear than the blurred minds of the voyeurs drunk on voyeurism… very well written.

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  1. I really liked this story as well. The simple things in life – we don’t have lightening bugs here although I have seen them in movies and have been in awe of them! We do have these giant moth like bugs that bite! I’d rather sit out on the dude in the storys deck than my own!

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