Wanna be controlled?
follow the news
like it’s God
Then tell your friends
and family all about it
Splash in the wake
of toxicity
Make it want you

-M. Taggart

thank you, Dad

Poem- Intelligence from the heart #pros

I believe empathy to be the
foundation of humanity’s intelligence;
empathy is not a game in which we
pull the emotional strings of another-
to wish to ensnare is to continuously
bellow at the very depths of the bottom.
Empathy is the light. Empathy is the
strength to call a stranger brother
while recognizing their pain is just,
and knowing the path to their healing
as we extend our hand to pull them up.

-M. Taggart

Odd Walking Thoughts

All of the ugliness is why. It’s why we sit in front of reflecting windows, looking, wanting; a push of a something is more than nothing, it’s what we wish to be-
while the word of the ready readies, “I miss you,” normalizing time, crackling, being, and seeing the window watching ourselves turn to stone like the un-shifting; unwillingly we see it so nebulously, we crawl.


Ecstasy begins one compromise at a time;
Without this ability one will never experience
true happiness, only a matrix of self-doubt
layered with hidden meanings.

-M. Taggart