poem –

I don’t care about cliques
A few people trying to tell themselves
they will transcend
I’d rather unite
any people
It’s a bit like walking a thought
down a washed out road
The severity of the gone-ness
needs no transcending
The road needs more rocks

-M. Taggart

Word Chemistry

Sometimes I read a book and I’m looking for something.
I ask myself what it might be. Words.
Odd. We all have the same ones to pick from.
In this language anyway.
I tell myself not to do this, but rather to enjoy the writing.
Instead I secretly keep looking.
Scouting how some of the greats used their words.
What blend of complexity, or straightforwardness,
did they use. And where did they end
the sentence, or did they continue while fetching
another thought to dice into the world of wonderment.

-M. Taggart

On writing when you can’t

Recently, multiple people have contacted me concerning their blockage of writing. Here are my thoughts on this- Give yourself permission to write. Especially, give yourself permission to write what you aren’t allowing yourself to write and write all of it. Then, trim away.

If someone in your life is causing you to pause, or even controlling your writing, write it anyway. You don’t need permission to live your life. Live it, write it.

In my opinion it’s very unlikely a blockage is anything other than a block put in place by yourself, or someone next to you. Fear. You already know what to do. Do it. Even if the writing isn’t perfect, timeless, or up to your standards. It doesn’t matter. Not doing it at all is the only true failure.

Best of luck and cheers,