I don’t believe death ought to be what shows us the light.
Wisdom, experience, clarity, truth, self-reflections-
all of which I admire and chase on an ongoing basis.

-M. Taggart


When I’m an old man
I hope to have grown not into bitterness
but into a final version of self
that was given to me through
the experiences of my life
and that I’ve become graceful enough
to share any qualities of goodness
to whomever wishes to know it,
at their own pace and not at the judgement of mine.

-M. Taggart

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An old tree has more life in a twisted
dying branch than a perfectly placed
white picket fence, with buried judgement-
aligned with its perched front porch-
full of toes that step harshly on the planks giving
splinters which were born by the seed of the
twisted branch; you have a lot to learn old man.

-M. Taggart

Sweet Thursday – Steinbeck

‘You cannot dissect for emotion,’ Doc went on. ‘If a human body were found by another species and dissected, there would be no possible way of knowing about its emotions or its thoughts.’ John Steinbeck. Sweet Thursday.

I write in my books. I rip corners off pages. It’s been a long while since I read this book. It didn’t take a long while to find one of my favorite lines.